Must Know Techniques for Wedding Portraits

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Wedding portraits look like they’re easy to shoot. However, it is important to note that photographers only make it look like this is the case because of the level of experience that they have. The majority of wedding pictures are going to be portraits. People will take some pictures of the cake, the decorations, and some of the other parts of the scenery.

In some cases, the wedding in question is going to be photographed in a gorgeous location, so wedding photographers will want to capture the beauty of the area. However, the bulk of any wedding photo album is going to involve portrait after portrait of the everyone. To get an idea on great portrait photos, Rick Helman’s gallery of portrait shots.

Composition and Framing

Composition and framing are everything in a wedding portrait. Zooming in on the couple’s face too much is just going to be awkward, no matter how appealing the couple is.

  • The couple needs to be framed properly within the picture.
  • They should be photographed in a pretty location.
  • Whatever is behind them cannot and should not dwarf them in any way.
  • The focus needs to be on the subject of a given portrait.

If something is very memorable behind them, then that subject deserves a separate picture.

A wedding photographer should also remember the importance of making a flattering wedding portrait. People want to be photographed at their best. They want to make sure that they have some beautiful pictures of themselves to remember.

  • Some people look good photographed in the typical school-picture model involving a person smiling very broadly.
  • Other people look better when their faces are photographed at an angle.
  • Some people look better in certain lighting as opposed to other types of lighting.


Wedding photographers need to be skilled at reading people’s facial features, which can make them that much more skilled at being able to create the most flattering portraits of their subjects. I always read A Guide to Portrait Photography to help me improve my skills.

Wedding photography is not the same as fashion photography. However, many of the same principles apply. People want to look fashionable at their weddings. The emphasis is going to be on the clothes to a certain extent. People want to be photographed at their best when they are getting immortalized on film. If wedding photographers imagine that they are more or less doing modelling shoots, than they will be that much more likely to create the sort of pictures that people will like at their weddings. Some wedding portraits look beautiful. Others are the sorts of pictures that people wish that they could retake. One way or another, having the right mindset can make all the difference.

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Tips for Starting Wedding Photographers

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Wedding photography doesn’t always seem like the hardest profession in the world. When people think about wedding photographers, they will rarely imagine the difficulties and stresses involved with the job. However, starting wedding photographers will know full well that the job will often be much harder than it looks, which is the case for the majority of jobs.

Wedding photographers and all other photographers also have to face certain challenges that people in other professions won’t have to face because their profession can be regarded as a creative one. People in all creative lines of work are often pressured into accepting work at a very low cost largely because people are under the impression that if someone does the sort of work that other people would do for fun, that means they don’t need to get paid much for it. Shooting wedding photography isn’t very easy. You can check a Rick Helman’s work and you can see the hard work put into each photo. People should never expect anyone to shoot a wedding for less than an honest day’s salary.

All starting wedding photographers need to learn in advance which jobs to accept and which jobs to dismiss since this is very much a profession in which people will take advantage of the workers. Starting wedding photographers should also never fail to underestimate just how much work they are going to have to do over the course of actually shooting a wedding. People will sometimes have hundreds and hundreds of guests at their weddings. They will want to get as many pictures of their guests as possible.

1. Have a Team

Covering a wedding shouldn’t be done by a one-man team. It’ll never work. Wedding photographers are going to need assistants or additional photographers in their team. They’ll be better off trying to prepare for that possibility in advance as opposed to trying to do everything themselves, faltering in the process.

2. Prepare the right equipment

Being prepared as a wedding photographer also means having all of the equipment that one could need at a photo shoot. Wedding photographers should have additional cameras on hand, as well as memory cards, and anything else that they could need when it comes to shooting the pictures that they need. They should have the necessary tools to alter the lighting in the area as effectively as they can as well. Wedding photographers need to think back to all of the photoshoots that they have ever taken, and they should try to conceptualize problems that might occur when they are shooting a wedding. In all likelihood, most of these problems are avoidable as long as they make sure to pick up the right equipment.

3. Be passionate

Be passionate about getting the right shot. You’ll find photographers going through the most awkward stance just to get the right angle. Also, starting wedding photographers typically have the talent. They wouldn’t go into this profession in the first place if they didn’t spend countless hours with a camera manipulating the light and shadow of their prospective pictures.

If you’re looking into getting a cheaper deal for your wedding coverage, you may consider amateur wedding photographers but make sure to read these Tips for Hiring a Non Professional.

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Must Know Techniques for Wedding Portraits

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Wedding photographers need to be able to get inside the heads of their clients if they want to create the perfect wedding photo albums. In many cases, wedding photographers will have seen plenty of wedding photo albums in advance. They know what sorts of things people want and they know what sorts of motifs tend to make for excellent wedding photographs. The most important techniques can make all the difference in terms of the quality of a wedding album.

1. Soft Focus Shot

For one thing, photographers are going to need to know their way around the soft-focus shot. Lots of wedding photos use a very soft focus, which is a very flattering lighting. While not every single shot in a given album can or should be like this, having some can make a soft and lovely wedding photograph album. Some people may think that this technique is too common, but a lot of people are going to request this particular type of shot, and wedding photographers are going to need to know how to take pictures like this quickly and easily.

2. Candid Shot

Naturally, wedding photographers are going to need to know how to capture certain emotions, even if those emotions are not as important in other pictures. People shouldn’t even have to look at the attire of the people in question to know who the spouses are. They should be able to tell based on the obvious love that they have for one another and the level of affection that they have and can display in photographs. Wedding photographers need to be able to capture all of that in a few frames. They cannot simply take pictures of the happy couple standing there. The happy couple needs to look like a happy couple in every frame.

3. Panorama Shot

Wedding photographers are going to need to know how to frame the pictures correctly. Some shots in some photographs have wide angles, which can allow the photographers in question to capture a lot of a given landscape. Wedding photographs zoom in on the faces of the couples and capture them at their most intimate with one another. Wedding photographers need to know how to do that without making the picture look blurry or unfocused. They’re also going to need to know how to do that in such a way that the couple always looks good in the final pictures.

Many other photographers don’t put a lot of effort into making their subjects look good. Wedding photographers need to know all of the camera techniques and types of lighting that will enhance a person’s attractiveness. They need to know how to frame a face in a flattering way. They need to know how to manipulate the lenses of a camera to create a genuinely beautiful image, regardless of the appearance of the subjects. A great source I always go back to is Controlling and Manipulating the Light of Your Camera.

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7 Magnificent Wedding Photographers

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We all know that all were a wedding day is the most important day, or one of the most important days, in our lives.  Everyone who has ever been to a wedding knows that all were memory can often fail us, but in order to keep these beautiful moments safe for an eternity, we will have to make some breathtaking photos.  What better way to celebrate your wedding than to have a professional photographer who will make these unique and beautiful moments last forever.


I present you with seven magnificent wedding photographers who will definitely make your wedding look perfect, and help you eternalize the moments you cherish so much.

1. Ben Chrisman

If you want to show off imaginative and intimate wedding photographs, I suggest you hire Ben Chrisman as your wedding photographer.  Each will surely help that he is currently ranked as the top wedding photographer in the entire world, by the Wedding Photojournalist Association. Chrisman’s photographs are unique and wonderful.

2. Jonas Peterson

Even though you haven’t heard of Jonas Peterson, if you take some time to visit his website, you will be absolutely amazed by his work. Peterson somehow manages to catch the glimpses of magic and happiness in everyday lives, and will definitely provide you with breathtaking wedding photographs.

Kitty And Craig3. Kitty & Craig Fritz

The photographer duo has worked together for six years.  If you want to have the most amazing photographs from your wedding you should get them for your wedding photographers.  Also, if you need some inspiration you can check out their website where you will see the most amazing wedding photographs.

4. Sean & Melanie McLellan

Another dynamic photographer duo is McLellan.  Not only that they have the most unique style, but today also tried themselves on the ability to capture beauty within.

5. Adam Alex

Adam’s magnificent photographs are at the same time the intimate, passionate and amazing. Alex plays with the color and shadow, and creates true art, like no other wedding photographer. These fairy-tale like photographs will surely make your wedding even more amazing (if it is even possible)!


6. Eric Laurits

The best known head shot photographer in Boston also does weddings, and he is a true specialist when it comes to headshots.  His wedding photographs on the other hand have a special appeal to them, since they are absolutely amazing. If you need additional proof of the quality of his photographs, you can always visit his website and see for yourself!

7. Anna Kuperberg

Anna has been a wedding photographer ever since she got out of art school back in 1991.  Not only that her wedding photographs speak for themselves but they have also appeared in InStyle, People and Martha Stewart Weddings. But, you don’t have to trust me, just take a look at Anna’s website and you will be amazed by these stunning wedding photographs.

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